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Arndt Striegler

Royal Expert Arndt Striegler

“Use me, my London Office and order the daily London newsletterLONDON CALLING‘ with all important news about the Royal Family, London Celebs, Gossip and further British news, for your own jounalistic work” (Arndt Striegler)

My name is Arndt Striegler and I have been working as London and UK Correspondent for various international media outlets since 1986. My clients include daily newspapers, weekly magazines, TV and Radiostations and New Media formats. ( London News, Royal Family and Gossip)

I am working with a small and highly motivated team from offices in London-Westminster, just a stone throw away from the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Soho.

Royal Family News

Arndt Striegler with Princess Beatrice

Arndt Striegler with Princess Beatrice

As a team we report about the British Royal Family including of course. The Queen, Prince William and Kate, Prinz Charles and Camilla and Harry and Meghan and others. Royal events like new Royal babys, royal birthdays, the latest news and gossip from the corridors of Buckingham Palace with our daily digital newsletter ‘London Calling’ you will never again miss out on breaking news or big stories.  


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Other services include research, reporting on current affairs both for print, TV, Radio and New Media. Can’t travel to London to do an interview with a celebrity? We can do it for you. Chances are we personally know the star anyway from previous encounters.

Arndt Striegler in interview with Taylor Swift

  We have set up a small TV and radio studio using smart technology and Live U apps. We also have easy access to a classic TV studio nearby. In addition we have built up an enviable network of contacts to celebrities and their agents, politicians and other people of interest in London and beyond. All our servicesare available in English or German.

London Office

Arndt Striegler in London
Arndt Striegler in front of Downing Street 10 in London

Ever thought about having your own London Office but always got scared because of the high costs of London office rents? We can help. For less money than you ever thought possible! Again: please email for more details.

We love our work as journalists and match makers here in London! Fast, reliable and always committed and passionate to get you the best stories!