It was love at first site. I must have been no older than five or six when I first saw her. She was beautiful. Elegant dress and matching hat, long white gloves, and this certain something, that only The Queen has. I was hin und weg , as we Germans say, when we really like something. No, I mean REALLY LIKE something or someone!

The Queen

visiting my home town Bremen in Germany. I never forgot the day. It was there and then that Idecided to find out more about that fab lady everyone was talking about. And I did. Fast forwards a few years. And again it was love at first sight. I came to London, loved the city and it’s people so much that I decided to stay a littlewhile. To find out more. Find out more about the city, it’s people and most of all it’s most famous residents, the Royal Family.

Correspondent in London

That was more than 30 years ago. And I am still here to find out things! As a journalist and London Correspondent. Reporting is my passion. Be it for TV, RADIO, NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES or PODCASTS and NEW MEDIA. Mind you – nowadays I do much more then just sniffing around the corridors of Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle.

Arnst Striegler

Arndt Striegler in the House of Commons

And yes, I must admit, not all is always as glamourous as interviewing Nicole Kidman, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift or chatting with Princess Beatrice of York. Photo research and picture buying for national magazines, location searches in London and the UK, even a bit of political and medical writing and reporting. My small London team and I we pride ourselves in being fast, reliableund most of all always there for you guys. Why not check us out by firing an email……and who knows? Maybe this too will be love a first sight…..

30 years of experience as a royal expert and journalist in London