Cressida Bona about the Royal Family

The 31-year old actress Cressida Bona spoke about her ‘fear’ to joining the Royal Family as she was together with Prince Harry. In an interview with the TheDaily Telegraph she said ‘The fear of failing, the fear of rejection, the fear of not getting it right, the fear of not being perfect… I think that read more

Battle Royal

“The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles participated in a “battle” with Carloe Middleton.Over time, Prince Charles and Carole Middleton were engaged in a “Battle Royal” with their grandchildren. The Prince of Wales felt that Carole and Michael were “ousting” him. DailyMail, Katie Nicholl claims: “Charles believes the Middletons spend more than a fair amount of read more

How ‘Camilla knew everything happening in Charles-Diana realtionship?

Author Andrew Morton writing ‘Diana – Her True Story’, explained in 1992 how Camilla’s shadow would continually surround the Wales’ relationship. Morton wrote: “Diana was troubled by other worries. There was his clique of sycophantic friends, many of them middle aged, who were too fawning and deferential. Read more: Camilla Parker-Bowles news about royal Family Princess read more